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About Event

This program is organised for commercialization of products, services and activities of Farmers, Farmers Organisations (FPO/FPCs, Cooperatives, Farmers Groups) Agri-startups, Agribusiness companies. Academia, CSR supporting Agriculture & Food processing, financial institution working in Agri-business, Exporter etc. This is a highly organised and managed Agribusiness Summit designed for ensuring the value and knowledge transfer to participant and participating organisations. The proposed National Agribusiness Summit and Exhibition-2018 is the 4th season of the program. In the 3rd season of the program around 500 people had participated the event and out of that around 100 was the board members from 67 Farmers organisation (FPO/FPCs) & cooperatives. One FPO is representative of around 1000 farmers i.e. this program holds the representation and business value of more than 60,000 farmers. Around 20 startups has also participated in the program.
There was good numbers of knowledge participants like scientists, NGO, companies, government officials etc.
The participating Agribusiness stakeholders are integrated through a well managed virtual infrastructure www.fpoasia.com for ensuring the business value.

Award Nominations For :

Speakers 2019



Scientist, Fruit Research Station, Entkhedi, Bhopal


Santosh Kumar Jha

Director, Agri Sensors and Controls, Bangalore


Dwarika Singh

Chairman & Director ACFPCL


Prabuddh Mishra

Vanproz Bangalore