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ITSC Technologies Private Limited (ITSC) was founded by Mr. D Singh in 1999. It was formed as proprietorship but later become private Ltd. ITSC is registered under Indian company act 1956. This Bhopal based corporate was formed with the vision to provide a most admired "integrated IT solution" platform to the local/national/international clients. ITSC is ISO 9001:2008 ,ISO 20000-1:2011 & ISO 27001:2005 certified and organization member of HL 7 (Health Level 7) Activity engagement list of ITSC include IT Consultancy, Software development and Support, Managed Operations and development of Customized Enterprise Solutions. Our Core Operational expertise include Health Care, Government, Banking, Rural Development and Corporate Sector. Our project management expertise in Systems Development Life Cycle, Software and System Solutions, Networking, Internet-Intranet-Extranet Solutions, Management Consultancy, Corporate Training in IT field is our strength. We strongly believe if the Technology, is properly understood, could be the toughest of arts to master and yet, if properly demystified and applied, can unfold a whole 'New World' of endless possibilities. This is exactly where we step in with our experience, approach, and commitment. Emancipating the technology from the shackles of the ubiquitous jargon and making it work for and with end-user, is the crux of our existence. It also sums up our approach to business. Irrespective of the nature of tasks we undertake, our efforts are focused on just one goal, always understanding our Client. We believe in "Total Solution", "Customer Satisfaction", and 'Unique Customer Experience'.


Agriculture Extension network partner

ISED services (Integrated Socio-Economic Development Services) was registered in May 2009 under section 25 of company Act and operating on non-profit basis. ISED Services is focused to help create an effective platform for Global small entrepreneurial development. Our main motive is to be a one-stop shop for Supporting and promoting innovative entrepreneurs from the ground up and promote purposeful entrepreneurship that fosters equitable socio-economic growth in the Developing Countries. We are committed to help build next-generation global entrepreneurs based on innovative business and customer models of partnerships in IT/ICT, Agriculture, Education, Health care sectors and applied innovations. ISED Services is a one point stop for sourcing support services for Technical know-how, capacity-building, advisory and business networking support to motivate idea-stage entrepreneurs, startups and growth-entrepreneurs to grow their business in national and international markets.


Provide a Knowledge and Business Platform in Agriculture

Asian Consortium of Farmers Producer Company Limited (ACFPCL). The Core Objective of formation of ACFPCL is to bring Prosperity in Farming Community along with maintaining the perfect Soil Health.

ACFPCL is fully geared-up to contribute in following key areas of development:

Provide a Knowledge and Business Platform in Integrated Manner to Support and facilitate the Small and Marginal Farmers of the State to Maximize their Earning.
Ensure the Hassles free access to Improved Crop Production Technology & various Agri-inputs for Enhancing Productivity of the Crops Grown by small and Marginal Farmers.
Reduction in input and Production Cost to increase the Revenue earning of the Farmers .
Provide an Integrated Platform to Transform the Farmers into Entrepreneurs for Capitalizing the Market Potentials Directly.
Explore the Agri-Processing and Rural Human Capital to Generate Employment Opportunities to Educated / Less Educated Young Boys/Girls in Rural Area which will Address the Social issued related to Migration to Urban Areas.


Developed Skilled Men Power for IT Industry

ITSC startup school is about skilling the youth to achieve their goals by through proper & smooth process. ITSC startup school of training offers education in two modes that two modes are academic & Skilling. Academic means concept building of students and second one is Skilling means gap removal (gap between work place skill requirement and academic). So that student will become more confident & professional, and basically our motive is to Skilling and supporting the youth to explore the global market for business as well as Employment. We provide Regular Trainings/Industrial Training/Internship Training/Project Training/Skill Development Classes also. This is very good opportunity for youth to explore themself globally.


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